I Take Exception to Your Exceptions: Using Custom Errors to Get Your Point Across
2023-07-29, 11:05–11:30 (US/Pacific), The Barn

Have you ever used a library, ran into a generic AttributeError, and then had to go chase down what the problem actually was? Wouldn't it be great to help others from running into that same issue on your code? In this talk, we take a look at custom exceptions in Python and ways to structure your code to use them effectively to communicate issues back to the end user (or end developer). We'll also cover a few cool lesser-used things you can do with exceptions to make your code really stand out!

Python dev, woodworker, and general weirdo interested in making the world a better place. Find him on Mastodon (@itsthejoker@fosstodon.org), GitHub (github.com/itsthejoker), or online at https://burrito.monster.