Oh the (Methods) You Can (Make): By Dunder Seuss
2023-07-30, 11:40–12:05 (US/Pacific), The Barn

You can make many methods
Over 100 to be exact
That start with two underscores
What do you think of that?

The runtime, it calls these
At points A or B
To do special magic
At runtime, you see.

You may have seen __getattr__ or __init__
But __rfloordiv__? What’s the point of it?

Come take a quick tour, your mother won’t mind
And hear a talk that’s one-of-a-kind
About how Python uses them under-the-hood
And how you can use them to write code that's real good

Josh is an avid lover of tooling that accelerates developers, including being a maintainer of the Polyglot Open-Source Build System: Pants.

In his free time, Josh enjoys laser cutting/engraving and his wonderful family.