Teaching with Jupyter
2023-07-29, 11:40–12:05 (US/Pacific), The Barn

Jupyter has a well-deserved reputation for being a research tool. The same properties that make it well suited for research make it a powerful tool for hands-on teaching. Whether it is abstract math, computer science, software development, physics, or many other subjects, Jupyter can be a powerful tool for teaching with integrated hands-on exercises.

The talk will show how JupyterLab can be used both for assigning independent work as well as to help follow along with traditional frontal teaching. It will cover concrete examples from math, software development, and physics, to show how to put it into practice.

The talk will also cover how to export Jupyter notebooks in a way suitable for students to download them and how to use Jupyter to grade work assigned as notebooks.

Moshe has been involved in the Linux community since 1998, helping in Linux "installation parties". They have been programming Python since 1999, and has contributed to the core Python interpreter. Moshe has been a DevOps/SRE since before those terms existed, caring deeply about software reliability, build reproducibility and other such things. They have worked in companies as small as three people and as big as tens of thousands -- usually some place around where software meets system administration.