Automate Your City Data with Python
2023-07-30, 10:30–10:55 (US/Pacific), The Barn

Every week, in every city, hundreds if not thousands of decisions, big and small, are being made about the places where we all live. Most of the time, these decisions are hidden behind old systems, arcane websites, or poorly formatted PDFs. With the power of Datasette, Python data tooling, and Github actions, you can quickly set up a low-or-no-cost city data pipeline, and help us all better understand the decisions being made where we live.

Philip James (aka phildini) has been using Python since a friend used a projector at a summer camp to teach him code basics, changing the entire course of his life from "moody theater kid" to "moody (but smiling) Pythonista". Philip has used Python to help build the Internet at Eventbrite and Patreon, and now uses Python and Django every day as the CEO of Crowdalert.

Philip lives in Alameda, in the East Bay Area of California, with his partner Nic, their daughter, and Nic's cat.