SVGs, Lasers, Reality, and You
2023-07-30, 13:30–13:55 (US/Pacific), The Barn

Recently, I embarked on an adventure to design and laser cut a card for my wallet.

Little did I know that I'd face a Hydra called Reality. For every challenge that I solved, two new ones emerged...

In the software world, we often have the privilege of quick feedback loops, be it running code or tests.

But as we slowly broaden our scope and venture into the real world, navigating unpredictable variables from complex software, proprietary hardware, and a little thing called "physics", we quickly lose this privilege.

How can we use Python and SVGs to speed up and fortify this process, and what can the real world of fabrication with laser cutting teach us regarding software design?

By the end of the talk, you'll have a basic understanding of how to cleanly design SVGs and SVG paths with the assistance of Python. You'll also understand (more than want to know about) laser cutting, and some suggested learnings regarding software design.

Evan is a Software Engineer down from Sydney, Australia, whose passions lie in improving the developer experience by reducing human error, enhancing code health, and optimising workflows.

When he's not thinking about security, informatics, or giving talks about his many projects, you'll find him either nomming on subway cookies, or chasing bunny rabbits.