Back to the Future of Hypermedia in Python
2023-07-29, 15:40–16:05 (US/Pacific), The Barn

"Hypermedia is your friend," they said. "You don't need JavaScript anymore," they said. "You'll be fine..."

It's no secret that hypermedia has been making a quiet resurgence in the web development landscape. One of the most popular toolkits in the Python space is htmx, offering a simple, declarative approach to AJAX, CSS Transitions, and Server Sent Events directly from your HTML.

Additionally, tools like TailwindCSS are making it easier to design your application simply by adding preconfigured CSS classes to your HTML elements. There's no need to meddle around with a CSS file or fear that completely changing your design will increase bloat or introduce clashing code.

You can now build a beautiful and responsive application with nothing more than Python and HTML!

Let's take a look at some of the tools that exist to enable the PyHAT (Python htmx ASGI Tailwind) stack and discuss where we can go from here.

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