North Bay Python 2024

What Not To Document And Why
2024-06-29, 15:15–15:40 (US/Pacific), Barn

We’re hopefully all on board with writing documentation for our projects. However, especially with the rise of supply-chain attacks, there are some aspects of our projects that we really shouldn’t document, and should instead remediate as vulnerabilities. If we do document these aspects of a project, it may help someone compromise the project itself or our users. In this talk, you will learn why some aspects of documentation may help attackers more than users, how to recognize those aspects in your own projects, and what to do when you encounter such an issue.

Margaret Fero is an interdisciplinary hacker with interests ranging from technical writing to board games to corporate risk analysis to the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. In their spare time, Margaret enjoys using their background in the performing arts, seeking out interesting snacks from around the world, and basking in the many useful services of local libraries.