North Bay Python 2024

WASM all the way down
2024-06-30, 13:20–13:45 (US/Pacific), Barn

WASM is a compiled set of instructions that can run in the browser and it can be used to as a compilation target. So, it's possible to compile CPython into WASM, like in PyOdide.

It's possible to write your own WASM interpreter, which can run those programs compiled to WASM. You can even write such a WASM interpreter in Python.

You can imagine what happens next: we're going to run Python in WASM in Python... and maybe more!

Dr. Christopher Swenson is a computer scientist, programmer, author, and occasional mathematician, who has worked for companies like HashiCorp, Google, Twilio, and the US Government. Christopher wrote the book Modern Cryptanalysis. He is a cupcake.