North Bay Python 2024

Boxes Full of Python: Understanding ActivityPub and the Open Web
2024-06-30, 11:20–11:45 (US/Pacific), Barn

In this talk, aimed at Pythonistas of all levels, we will learn how ActivityPub, the protocols underlying distributed social networks, power the open web by building a ActivityPub server in Python. The concepts that make up ActivityPub will be learned with concrete Python examples instead of abstract concepts, with the hope that attendees have a better handle on the technologies powering Mastodon, PixelFed, and the rest of the Fediverse.

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Philip James (aka phildini) has been using Python since a friend used a projector at a summer camp to teach him code basics, changing the entire course of his life from "moody theater kid" to "moody (but smiling) Pythonista". Philip has used Python to help build the Internet at Eventbrite and Patreon, and now uses Python and Django every day as the CEO of Crowdalert.