North Bay Python 2024

Quantifying Nebraska
2024-06-30, 15:55–16:20 (US/Pacific), Barn

In 2020, xkcd published Dependency, which posited that "all modern digital infrastructure" is ultimately transitively dependent on "a project some random person in Nebraska has been thanklessly maintaining since 2003".

How can we find these projects and ensure that their maintainers get the thanks and — more importantly — the resources they need?

Adam works as a security-focused software developer at the Rust Foundation working on ecosystem security, especially around improving supply chain security for and Rust releases.

Professionally, his history includes stints as a developer at New Relic, deviantART, and Sourcegraph, while his open source work includes being a project member of Rust and PHP.

In his spare time, he plays cricket, kayaks, speaks Spanish extremely badly, throws tennis balls for his golden retriever, and tries to convince people that his Australian accent is actually flawless Canadian.