North Bay Python 2024

Mock It Till You Make It: How to Verify Your External Mocks Without Ever Leaving Unittest
2024-06-30, 10:50–11:15 (US/Pacific), Barn

A controlled environment and consistent dependencies are crucial to writing good and – most importantly – relevant tests in Python. While the advent of APIs has made using external services so much more accessible, APIs can lead to flaky or deceptive tests, ultimately putting applications at risk. In this talk, you will learn how to use Python’s Mock object to create more reliable stand-ins for APIs beyond your control … all within the unittest framework.

Liz Acosta’s professional journey has come full circle from film student, to copywriter, to engineer, to developer advocate, and now to developer content marketing manager for Streamlit. As a developer marketing Swiss army knife, Liz is particularly interested in what happens at the intersection of tech and community and is especially fond of turning complex concepts into casual conversation.

Liz loves plants, pugs, pizza, and -- of course -- Python! She has spoken at Python conferences and meetups both local and national and enjoys sharing her passion for software testing with others.