North Bay Python 2024

To rewrite or not to rewrite: an OSS community journey in the LLMiverse
2024-06-30, 13:50–14:15 (US/Pacific), Barn

“I love breaking changes!” said no developer, ever. Backwards incompatibility can be disruptive to a community, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil in the long run to move forward.

Haystack is a free open source Python LLM framework. It was launched in 2020, before LLMs were cool. In 2023 we decided to undergo a major re-architecture, culminating in the release of Haystack 2.0. It wasn't an easy decision. By involving the open source community in our design process early on, we are confident we built a more usable, flexible foundation for years to come.

In this talk you'll learn how we designed abstractions with the right level of flexibility / composability in the rapidly changing LLM landscape. We'll not only show you the new features Haystack 2.0 provides, but we will also give you a peek into our future roadmap. You'll walk away with a better understanding of how modern LLM frameworks can help you solve problems at scale with LLM technologies, as well as an enriched understanding of how to think for the long-term when building for an open source community.

Tilde (they/them) is a San Francisco based artist, activist, and engineer. By day they are a free and open source software advocate at deepset. They can probably deadlift more than you. Ask them about how to paint an algorithm, the intersections between mutual aid and biology, or which coast has the best vegan croissants.