North Bay Python 2024

Bridges, or Benefits of Connecting Our Communities
2024-06-29, 14:15–14:40 (US/Pacific), Barn

A bridge can both literally and metaphorically connect people of different communities together.

There are many reasons why distinct communities exist within the software space, some good, some bad, some natural. For example, "baby duck syndrome"denotes a situation where a computer user "imprints" on the first system they learn. This can lead to identifying within the context of that community.

Within the Python space, we can see small and large communities converging around a certain package or framework. These communities can be vibrant, supportive, and generally wonderful.

I suggest ways in which we can "build bridges" from these communities in order to learn from each other, promote diversity, and break down barriers. This will not only benefit those of us within these communities, but also newcomers looking to find their footing.

I code Python by night, which is what happens when there's not enough time during the day. In the past couple of years, I've presented several talks/tutorials at PyCon US, DjangoCon US, Python Web Conference, North Bay Python, PyGotham, and others. Sometimes I neglect/blog on my website Python By Night, and start (or abandon) too many side projects.